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About us

DentPlanet is a Belgian dental start-up with a well-determined mission: to lower the carbon footprint of the dental industry. Not only by controlling the para-dental plastic consumption in the dental practice, but also by altering the current dental logistic products, dental biomaterials and instruments into eco-friendly sourced products. We aim to implement these products in the oral healthcare cycle, starting from the daily oral healthcare to the treatments carried out by the dental health professionals.

Because our vision and scope are broad, we’re constantly asking ourselves how we can make each product biobased and how we can improve such products. This resulted in several ideas which make a great impact on many different levels e.g. social, environmental and scientific. It’s also the motivation behind our brand name ‘DentPlanet’: ‘Dent’ referring to dentistry and ‘Planet’ referring to the global earth.

We believe that DentPlanet® will be able to make an essential change in the oral healthcare cycle that starts by brushing teeth daily and ends by regularly visiting the dental professional.

While every year oral health products are responsible for thousands of tons worldwide, DentPlanet has started its operations in 2021 in Belgium and the Netherlands. With unstoppable motivation, we’re planning to expand our operations throughout Europe in 2023.

DentPlanet is a published trademark, with main focus on the dental industry.

How does DentPlanet work?/ How do we operate?

Different from the classic innovations, DentPlanet works creatively by inventing innovative products that in most of cases have not been used in the dental field before. This has been so since our first product category line related to the oral healthcare products, which at DentPlanet we called ‘Phase-I’.

In addition we also conduct very ambitious Research & Development to employ the same mission to the professional dental products used in dental practices. While this phase, ‘Phase-II’ is difficult and more challenging, we believe we’ll be able to achieve our goals in 2024 by having our first in-office dental product ready in the market after having the necessary MDR (Medical Device Regulations) approvals.

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