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A new horizon for dental products

InterDent Brush

Even if you are the best toothbrusher, you still need to have it clean in-between your teeth. While we are extra careful with periodontal health, we strongly advise people with taking care of their gum health.

Keep always in mind that your mouth is the gate to your body


Complete hygienic oral-care solution

Having the interdental spaces cleaned in your mouth is not an easy job to be done with your regular toothbrush. This is why the InterDent brush is the best smart tool to remove all food remaining in these spaces to keep your breath fresh the whole day.

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The power of HELIX protects your gum

The innovative, specially-designed bristles of the InterDent brush are brought together with a powerful but gentle helix structure. This helix enables you to gently clean your gum and the interdental spaces without traumatizing your gingival tissues.


Perfectly fitting your interdental spaces

InterDent comes in 3 sizes (small, medium, and large) in order to accommodate different personal oral needs while keeping the same ergonomic handle size that helps to perfectly direct the brush in the desired location in your mouth.

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