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A new horizon for oral health care products


Toothbrushes are essential products in our daily life. Nevertheless, the plastic components in the toothbrush including the handle and the bristles are very harmful to the environment, taking into account the number of toothbrushes being consumed every day. Hereby in DentPlanet, we are introducing a new design of toothbrushes that are not only made from bamboo, which is one of the fastest-growing plants on earth, but also the bristles are castor-oil based, qualifying the PlanetBrush to be the first 100% plant-based toothbrush in the European market.

The PlanetBrush contains more than 1500 castor-oil-based bristles in one brush head. They can provide the best cleaning results without hurting the gum. These plant-based natural-sourced bristles are the safest to the environment.


YES it is............
PlanetBrush comes with a curved bristle anatomy in order to accommodate the jaw curvature. 


Moreover, it comes also in two sizes ,but also available in Soft and Medium roughness

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