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InterDent- Interdental brushes (0.7 mm)- 48 pieces

InterDent- Interdental brushes (0.7 mm)- 48 pieces

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This 100% biodegradable bamboo interdental brush handle and plant-based bristles are ideal for cleaning between your teeth and protecting your gums from food debris and inflammation, specially with its small-medium size (0.7 mm)

InterDent is an elegant eco-friendly small interdental toothbrush made entirely from the highest quality bamboo, and more importantly plant-based (castor oil) bristles. T


The bristles have a cylindrical design of 0.7 mm diameter that provides the best anatomical cleaning for the interdental space. The handle of the brush is a pleasantly rounded handle for an easy grip and smooth brushing for all front and back parts of the jaw.


In the package:
- 8x Bamboo Interdental brushes in each box (6 boxes supplied)


How does this product make less impact on the environment?

-DentPlanet interdental brushes provide the best cleaning efficiency but also packaging is 100% biodegradable paper.
-As much as possible CO2 neutral, plastic-free material and packaging.
-Plastic-free bristles
-The handle is excellently polished and also mildew resistant