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A new horizon for dental products

Founded by planet-caring dental scientists, DentPlanet is here with R&D not only for you, but also for your kids. DentPlanet works to take care of both your oral health and your planet health by developing a totally green oral health care process.


Why go green?

Begin with yourself, go for greener oral hygiene, and help us to keep our planet for future generations.

You actually need to go green. You deserve the purest air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat, and your kids also deserve the same.

Our products in a few words

Do you want to take care of your oral health while caring about the environment? Then don't hesitate to order our products. For more information about how each product is designed to take good care of you, visit our product section to explore more about our vision for each.

Our products come from our planet and go back with love to it. We introduce alternative green products with unprecedented quality that aim in the first place to take good care of your teeth and gums while considering the green nature of our planet.



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Adults & Kids



Seeking for the optimum oral hygiene, while also caring about the planet?
Then, the bamboo interdental brush is the best option for you! Heads up.... It is now time to get the best of your oral care.

100% natural toothbrush for you and your little ones, with special bio-based bristles providing not only 100% cleaning capacity for your teeth, but also clean for the environment.

Totally natural mint-flavoured silk dental floss, that comes also in a specially designed elegant bamboo easy-handling box.

It makes flossing a very joyful daily routine! 


Our latest news


They all recommend our products

Camillw De Boeck.jpg

Camille De Boeck

Dental Hygienist
Overijse, Belgium

Good oral health contributes to overall health. 

DentPlanet's products are ideal for daily tooth cleaning as well as interdental cleaning with floss or the interdental brushes with an eye for the planet. The toothbrushes feel pleasant in the hand and look aesthetically very pleasing. Furthermore, they are ecological and 100% biodegradable! I recommend these to patients who want to reduce their ecological footprint.


Silvana Butrus

Dental Hygienist 
Utrecht, Netherlands

It is important that we all work together for a better environment, even in oral care. So I see DentPlanet products as a plus point for our planet. Even though many people would like to go vegan and that is also especially destined for them.

Mohammed Ahmed 2_edited.jpg

Mohammed Ahmed

Dentist | Dental biomaterials' scientist 
Leuven, Belgium

It is truly unbelievable to see how much plastic is consumed in the daily oral health care. DentPlanet provides an optimum solution by offering top-quality products while being environmental friendly at the same time.


Emilie Vander Elst

Dental Hygienist Leuven, Belgium

As a dental hygienist, I recommend various oral care products on a daily basis, including toothbrushes and interdental aids. It is often still difficult to find ecological alternatives, but with the products of 'DentPlanet' this problem has been solved.

The manual toothbrush with the ergonomically designed brush head is comfortable to hold and it efficiently removes the upper layer of bacteria from the tooth surface. The dental floss in bamboo packaging is also durable and easy to use. It has a solid thickness and does not immediately lose its strength when used. I definitely recommend the products of dentplanet, also to my patients.

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