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Research and Development

DentPlanet workflow is absolutely not limited to oral health care. Besides being a big player in the Bamboo toothbrushes market in Belgium and Netherlands, DentPlanet designs and develops next-generation of dental biomaterials and dental consumables that aim to decrease the carbon footprint of the dental industry. 

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Our milestones

During the previous year 2022, DentPlanet registered two trademarks in Europe, the USA, and China. This is to protect the main brand name: DentPlanet, and its most sold item; PlanetBrush- the bamboo toothbrushes' production line. 

In addition, DentPlanet R&D team is working hard-together with collaborators- to develop new dental restorative materials and instruments that are mainly manufactured from environmentally friendly materials while possess, at least, the same quality and durability as the currently marketed products. In this endeavor, DentPlanet has registered 4 design patents in the EU, USA, and China in order to protect the developed IP. 


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